About Us

The members of the Research Centre are highly acclaimed Business, management and social scientists who have contributed to field and theory and practice and are known worldwide for their contribution. MSP is an initiativethey took to promote the field by supporting the community and nurturing talent.

Partner with MSP from pilot stage to succeedat various level with solutions that will address all challenges faced by your managers during lifecycle of your Product or Project.

MSP Research Center offers following services to esteemed scholarly community and industry clients through various stages of any research project given below:


Stages of Evaluation and Correction

  • AI Support Services

  • Ads Evaluation

  • Cost benefit analysis

  • Content Management

MSP Research Center offers following services to esteemed scholarly community and industry clients through various stages of Evaluation and correction for any research project given below:



Data Sourcing

Data Sourcing services will help you gather appropriate data required by you to build capability for machine learning pattern recognition and computer vision solutions. Our team consists of experts who can handle data with detailed specifications while ensuring diversity required for efficient modelling that covers not only demographic details of participants, but also picks on background visuals with other environmental factors to identify poiints of difference. Our data sourcing services will accelerate your AI project by fulfiling your data specific needs through in-person collection, databases, collection of images, reports, anocdates as points of interest and synthetic data available on public websites.



Data Preparation

Data Preparation services for various types of data such as text, images, videos, audio or numerical data available in various custom settings like office, home, retail, studio or public spaces collected by you in either local or global settings. We will understand your problem and try to customise the data to find solutions that will suit your requirements by classifying and categorizing your large volume of data to make it usable with precision. Our team will use state of the art technological tools to annotate the date for text-labelling purposes. For this purpose, this documents will be first transcribed, images will be sorted and website information will be collated using natural language processing (NLP) and audio speech recognition (ASR) programs. The translated large volumes of data will be made ready for reliable use for Al and ML modelling with the help of specialized linguistic experts.

Built-in NLP models improve transcription quality and efficiency and transcribe spoken audio into text or validate machine-generated transcriptions.



Business Modelling

Business Modelling service will facilitate performance validation of your current model and conceptualise new model by tuning patterns across a range of dynamic but realistic and real world variables, cases and demographics. Formulation of the new model by our experts will help you test your Al system and compare your models with your competitors as industry benchmarks for superior performance.



Model Evaluation

Model Evaluation of your current setup and proposing areas of focus using Al modelling and other research techniques, our experts will guide you to a scientifically recognised strategy for your business. Our highly acclaimed evaluators will not only evaluate your model across various regions and benchmarks to understand performance in your target markets for language, dialects and cultural nuances. They will use Al models to identify unique cases and conditions that will be unique to your case.